consulting : Alfred Holzknecht

consulting- individual success guaranteed

there are plenty of consulting agencies. many of them only give the same information to the client.  for us your company, your staff, your success is what counts.  liegt ihr unternehmen, ihre mitarbeiter, ihr erfolg am herzen. we will elaborate the perfect concept in terms of marketing, communication, strategy and positioning for you. 


we can also elaborate a training plan for your staff because your employees are one of the most important success factors for your business, we help you turn the right levers and show you how to use the 4 - 6 ps of marketing efficiently and effectively. very exciting are our hotel checks. this is the only way to find out things about your property that you do not see anymore (don't be afraid - that is normal :-). 


how are you treating your customers who always find your hotel the best? are you indulging them? a well functioning loyality program is the key to future success for hotel businesses. flexible pricing, yield management (also in classic holiday destinations) is the key to the future. 


we are looking forward to meeting you personally.